Coming soon to your neighborhood – the super-polluting gas-powered leaf blower!

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In today’s Washington Post, “Gas-powered leaf blowers: Simply terrible for the air.”  (That’s the title in the print version.)  And then there’s the deafening noise.

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Susan Harris
on September 17, 2013 at 9:08 am, in the category Gardening on the Planet.

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  • Aside from the pollution from gas-powered engines, what about the dust & debris put into the air by these things? I just drove through a blower-generated dust storm – a crew of four guys driving a hurricane of dirt & leaves of the sidewalks & out into the street – and I’ll probably meet more through the day and week. The crews drive the leaves & dust off the sidewalk presumably to be picked up by the street sweeper. But the sweepers come along quite infrequently & rarely in conjunction with the varied mow-blow-go schedules, so the street traffic then pummels the debris into more dust and deposits it back up on the sidewalks … to be blown off again next week. It’s very dry here – no rain, generally, between mid-May & mid-October – so the dust gets kicked around for quite a while before there’s any rain to wash it away. As an allergy sufferer (not to mention a fan of peaceful mornings) I would love to see these crews just use a broom, for pity’s sake.

    Laura Bell 1st January 1970 4:00 am

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